30 most intimidating baseball players

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30 most intimidating baseball players

The 6-foot-3, 245-pound football player is fast for his size and, more importantly, he's gone on record bench-pressing 225 pounds a whopping 28 times.Defensive end Andre Carter may be the oldest player on the countdown, but the man is a beast.

The Cienfuegos native’s breakout season in 2013 remains one of the grandest entrances the game has ever seen.

If we had a bet, we’d guess 2016 would be the year Puig regains his All Star form in L. He returned to Cuba with Clayton Kershaw and other MLB players in December 2015. In 2014, Jose Abreu signed with the Chicago White Sox after setting a new home run record in the Cuban leagues earlier in the decade.

His debut season proved that power could transcend borders and time zones as he led the AL with a .581 slugging percentage en route to a Silver Slugger at 1B and AL Rookie of the Year honors.

The NFL offensive lineman got exceptionally larger during that offseason and made other meatheads in the picture look like ants.

Tight end James Casey may not look like one of the more ripped athletes in the world, but the man packs a punch.

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There were many firsts in this game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban national team (a 4-1 win by Tampa), but star players hailing from the Pearl of the Antilles have been making their mark on the big leagues for over half a decade.

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