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Bolt dating white women

One man wrote: "So Bolt wasn't famous when he was dating all those black girls in the past?

A man is free to love whoever he wants; black, white, yellow, pink no matter."Another wanted to know why "couldn't it be that he just likes her for the person that she is and that he finds her attractive and wants to get to know her better to see if she could be a potential spouse." Sounds poetic right?

When breached on the subject of interracial love, West said that he has always been attracted to white women (and vice versa), but that he has had to overcome a deeply instilled stigma against interracial relationships that was taught to him at a young age.

"I think that other races are really attracted to each other, and always have been..I was taught to never, you know, bring a white girl home when I was, you know, eight years old. I like black girls too, but I also like white girls...

For him "it's not an athlete thing nor even a race thing it's a guy thing." Another referenced slavery noting that Bolt was reaping the spoils for the trials of his ancestors: "Bossie a years a slavery our fore fathers went through to make this sort of thing happen..just toil on the fields the same way our fore fathers did bossie."One man mentioned Yendi asking why when Asafa dated this girl who he termed "light-skinned" there wasn't any public outcry.

Comments such as these project these men's longing to mate outside of their race and they celebrate with the sprinter, urging him to get his groove going.

Research by The Star reveals that Slovak was introduced to the fastest man on the planet, just before Christmas 2011, by female reggae artiste Tami Chynn.

There were those who swore it wouldn't last because of the treacherous, chasm of the racial divide.

Others saw the whole scenario as history repeating itself; a black man tastes fame and fortune and runs off to share it with Caucasia.

However there were many who either supported Usain's choice or just simply believed that the man had the right to take what he's being offered.

Sparrow's Congo man Let's have a closer look at these reactions and see what they can reveal to us about the state of race and love in Jamaica in 2012.

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Like Bolt was struck down by the looove bug and even his record shattering legs buckled under its effects.