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So I stand in the square, they pass me the ball and I hold on to the ball. The two of us get sent to the principal's office and I cannot explain to the principal who doesn't speak Spanish, and I can't speak English.

I was suspended and sent home and, of course, got punished by my mom the way that kids get punished in El Salvador, which is with the belt.

And scroll though all the stories that have been told so far.

People from El Salvador can be proud about their beaches and the many dramatic attractions in their country.

There was a time where I often wondered what I could do to make it better: whenever she would cry at night, or if she received news from El Salvador, and it was about the death of a family member.

A lot of our family was killed during the war, and I didn't understand things like survivor's guilt and how my mother was probably feeling that. I think the most important thing as a child was not being able to understand the language.

Susan Cruz was just eight years old when she and her mother left El Salvador for the US.

It was 1978 and the first rumblings of El Salvador's civil war had begun.

Even though I had grown up in El Salvador, looking at the newspapers that arrived in our home every day that would be full-blown color photographs of dead bodies, there would be pictures inside the newspapers where someone's head would be placed on top of a stick on the side of the road.

You have love all day, every day, for Monseñor Romero, whether you are really religious or not. If anyone needed a spare vase, pencil holder, or a place to store had it covered with her re-purposed coffee cans.

But this is not the first time the US has seen a wave of Central American migrants running from violence.

When the brother met my mother he was very impressed by her and he would go look for her try to ask her out.

He even bought me a skateboard it was my first skateboard I think he was trying really hard to impress my mother.

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By the way, it did work to some degree, because she ended up marrying him and they ended up having a child, my younger brother." Global Nation, inspired by the South Asian American Digital Archive's First Days Project, is looking for your stories about your first days in the United States — or those of your parents or grandparents.