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Dating of battle of carchemish

Part of the location of the city may also lie on Syrian territory.In ancient times, the city commanded the main ford across the Euphrates, a situation which must have contributed greatly to its historical and strategic importance. The city is mentioned in documents found in the Ebla archives of the 3rd millennium BC.In the summer of 605 BC (or 607 BC by some sources), an important battle was fought there by the Babylonian army of Nebuchadrezzar II and that of Pharaoh Necho II of Egypt (Jer. The aim of Necho's campaign was to contain the Westward advance of the Babylonian Empire and cut off its trade route across the Euphrates. However, its location was identified only in 1876 by George Smith. However, the Egyptians were defeated by the unexpected attack of the Babylonians and were eventually expelled from Syria. The city had been previously identified, incorrectly, with Circesium at the confluence of the Chebar and the Euphrates. The site lies in Turkish territory near the frontier between the two countries.

The contemporary oracles of Amos and Hosea condemn the economic stratification during his lengthy reign.

The Bible documents the defeat poetically in Jeremiah 46:1-12.

The reign of Jeroboam II, the son of Jehoash, was characterized by military success and economic prosperity.

The city became one of the most important centres in the Hittite Empire, during the Late Bronze Age, and reached its apogee around the 11th century BC.

While the Hittite empire fell to the Sea Peoples during the Bronze Age collapse, Carchemish survived the Sea People's attacks to continue to be the capital of an important "Neo-Hittite" kingdom in the Iron Age, and a trading center.

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Although Ramesses III states in an inscription dating to his 8th Year from his Medinet Habu mortuary temple that Carchemish was destroyed by the Sea Peoples, the city evidently survived the onslaught of the Sea Peoples. These expeditions uncovered substantial remains of the Assyrian and Neo-Hittite periods, including defensive structures, temples, palaces, and numerous basalt statues and reliefs with Luwian hieroglyphic inscriptions.

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