Interpersonal communication in dating

Posted by / 22-Aug-2017 05:54

In fact communications are almost always complex, two-way processes, with people sending and receiving messages to and from each other simultaneously.

In other words, communication is an interactive process.

Non-verbal behaviour can convey additional information about the spoken message.

However, apart from looking at the situational context of where the interaction takes place, for example in a room, office, or perhaps outdoors, the social context also needs to be considered, for example the roles, responsibilities and relative status of the participants.

However, the problem with this way of seeing a relationship is that it presents communication as a one-way process where one person sends the message and the other receives it.

While one person is talking and another is listening, for example.

Whilst physical 'noise' (for example, background sounds or a low-flying jet plane) can interfere with communication, other factors are considered to be ‘noise’.

The use of complicated jargon, inappropriate body language, inattention, disinterest, and cultural differences can be considered 'noise' in the context of interpersonal communication.

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Dating tips and relationship advice often focus on how to behave so others will like us.