Kim possible and ron stoppable dating episode

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Kim possible and ron stoppable dating episode

In order of episodes, this is the last episode of season 1.Ron fudges a quote to turn it into a hot scoop, landing Kim into a forced date with the oblivious quarterback and giving himself a sweet spot on the school paper.As she struggles with her parents' presence, Kim also discovers that the legendary monsters are actually the mutated experiments of a rogue geneticist named DNAmy.Kim takes a job at Bueno Nacho to pay for a fashionable jacket, convincing the reluctant Ron to keep her company by applying for him too.The following is a list of episodes for the Disney Channel series Kim Possible, which aired from June 7, 2002 to September 7, 2007, with four seasons, 87 episodes and two TV movies produced.The series began airing on Disney XD on February 3, 2014 and aired season 4 episodes in production order in the morning, then randomly airing season 2 and 3 episodes in the afternoon. Drakken from using stolen Japanese game technology to build a giant robot.Kim falls for the latest craze sweeping Middleton High, Animology, which purports to predict personality and romantic compatibility.Along the way, she and Ron have to stop Señor Senior Senior's (Voiced by Ricardo Montalban) scheme to destroy the Billionaire's Club and deal with Animology's prediction that Señor Senior Junior is her soul-mate.

She discovers that the bracelet grows every time she lies, leading to embarrassment when she tries to get out of a series of engagements to attend a party with Josh Mankey and Kim is grounded for a whole month.His journalistic career runs into trouble, however, when he accuses a TV daredevil of faking her stunts and she vows revenge.A designer copies Kim's mission outfit and turns it into the next fashion trend.Drakken steals mind control technology which he intends to replicate to take over the world.When her parents leave on a retreat Kim is forced to take along her twin brothers, who prove helpful in the end.

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Fighting the bad guys, however, is nothing compared to asking her crush, Josh Mankey, out to an upcoming school dance.