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So one does not say "the conspiracy of Catilina was thwarted in M. Antonio cos." but simply "the conspiracy of Catilina was thwarted M. Antonio cos." When using reference to the founding of the City (i.e., Rome), the accepted date is 753 BCE, which would make the year 2001, for instance, "2754." This number is given, followed by the words "anno Urbis conditae" or "ab Urbe condita" ("in the year of the founding of the City" or "from the City being Founded"), both abbreviated "a.u.c." The pre-Julian Latin name and forms are only given when in disagreement with the Gregorian equivalents. Antonio cos." or even "Cicerone Hibridaque cos." N. The consular date is not the name of the year but a description of the year, meaning "X and Y being consules" or "while X and Y were consules".

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