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Twenty-three cents of every food stamp dollar is used to buy candy, desserts, salty snacks, sugar and sweetened beverages, according to a November report from the U. Department of Agriculture that for the first time revealed purchasing habits under the program in detail.The report, along with the election of President Donald Trump, who may be more inclined to tighten welfare rules, has reignited a long-standing debate on whether the government should allow people to use food stamps to buy unhealthy food.At the congressional hearing last week, Leslie Sarasin, president and CEO of the Food Marketing Institute, a trade association that represents grocers, told members that tens of thousands of food items would need to be reviewed to determine whether they should be restricted, including “an estimated 20,000 new products every year.” In Maine, Mayhew said the results of the recent USDA survey underscore the importance of placing restrictions on the program.In the state’s 2015 request to the USDA, it asked for permission to ban soda and candy from the program.Digital rights advocates at the Electronic Frontier Foundation have been suing federal agencies for months under the Freedom of Information Act with help from the Samuelson Clinic at UC Berkeley’s School of Law.The goal was to force open policies that explain when social networking sites can be used for government surveillance, data collection and investigations.The idea sounds appealing to people who don’t know much about nutrition or how the program works, said Ellen Vollinger, legal director for the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), a nonprofit that aims to reduce hunger.The proposals often fail, she said, once lawmakers find out how costly and complicated they would be to implement, including how to determine which food items should be restricted and how to create a database and keep it updated as new products come out.

Public health organizations like the center for science, and groups aiming to end hunger like FRAC, are all advocates for food stamps.In response, the agency asked the state to provide more information about how it would measure the success of its program, but never heard back, said Jalil Isa, a department spokesman.Mayhew said she wouldn’t characterize what happened in that way.Results made public so far by EFF are available below for more than a dozen sites in a chart built by the Center for Investigative Reporting.Old and new policies alike are posted next to the document year, so you can compare possible changes over time.

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But the bill failed to make it through the Senate after merchants complained it would be too costly to implement.

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