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After landing in Lahore on August 29, she was en route to Mirpur with her husband and his uncle Aslam Chuadhry.

When they reached the Dina-Jhelum Bypass, Rashid reportedly pulled Saira out from the car and murdered her.

Mirpur is a part of Kashmir but very little population of it knows Kashmiri language.

Religion and Belief The religion of majority in Mirpur city is Islam.

British-Pakistanis are also viewed as lucrative hostages.

People of Mirpur have a firm believe that if one wants some prayer or wish to be accepted, he or she must promise to give some money, give a daaig or put a chadar on the shrine of Peer Shah Ghazi once the wish is granted.

Not only people of Mirpur but people form Punjab also believe this and visit this place whole heartedly.

In 2010, five-year-old Sahil Saeed, from Oldham, was held for 12 days after being snatched by armed men who burst into his family’s house in Punjab province.

He was released when a ransom was paid as part of a police sting.

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Although now due to the vast immigrations to England, English is also becoming popular.

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