Steam validating game cache stuck at 100

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Solution 8 – Disable Xfire overlay If Just Cause 2 is crashing on your computer, it might be due to Xfire.Users have reported that after disabling Xfire in game all crashing issues were resolved.We also recommend this third-party tool (100% safe and tested by us) to automatically download all the outdated drivers on your PC.Solution 1 – Disable Vsync Users have reported that some cutscenes are slow and out of sync.Solution 9 – Delete file Few users have reported deleting file has fixed Just Cause 2 crashing issues, so let’s see how to delete this file: Solution 10 – Switch to windowed mode Another workaround for Just Cause 2 crashes is to run the game in windowed mode.Several users have reported that switching to windowed mode has fixed crashing issues, so be sure that you try that.

Solution 7 – Replace d3dx10_42Sometimes your files can get corrupt, and this can lead to Just Cause 2 crashes.To do that, follow these steps: If this doesn’t work, you should temporarily disable your antivirus real-time scanning and see if that helps.Solution 1 – Delete Square Enix folder If Just Cause 2 isn’t starting on your PC, you can try deleting Square Enix folder.Solution 3 – Update your graphic card drivers In most cases, issues with freezes are caused by your graphic card drivers, so maybe you should update them.To do that, visit your graphic card manufacturer and download the latest drivers for your GPU.

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To run Just Cause 2 in compatibility mode, do the following: Solution 5 – Use Nvidia Inspector Users have reported that using Nvidia Inspector fixes Just Cause 2 crashes, so it might be a good idea that you try it.

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