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Thailandische sex chat

So students will refer to their teacher as (the word for "doctor").

Apart from the use of family terms as pronouns, there are other personal pronouns not covered here but which are unlikely to be frequently encountered.

The Facebook Messenger is a separate app just to make Facebook messaging more convenient, and the second most popular messenger app in Thailand.

What I like about this app is that it shows the profile pictures of the people that have sent you a message in form of small circles right on your home screen so you can decide which one to tap on and read and which one to tap one for longer and drag right into the recycle bin.

The standard polite personal pronouns are: means "she", or less commonly "you", and is predominately used in written Thai.

If used in spoken Thai, it can have something of a sarcastic or mildly derogatory connotation and so is best used with caution.

Similarly, they can also be referred to using their nickname instead of a second-person or third-person pronoun (e.g. When addressing someone who has or works in a respected position, it's usually respectful and appropriate to use their title rather than any of the above pronouns.

There are even personal profile pages with status update functions they copied from Facebook and Thais use that too.

One cool feature of LINE is that you can do free calls as well as voice messages (which becomes more and more popular).

Making things slightly easier is the fact that subject pronouns and object pronouns are the same (there's no difference between 'I' and 'me' in Thai for instance) and that personal pronouns are frequently omitted from sentences altogether if they can be implied from the context.

Despite its initial difficulty, once you get used to the Thai system of personal pronouns it can be very useful as it can tell you a great deal about the relationship between the speakers, the type of situation and often indicate relative age differences too.

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To add friends and start chatting in LINE there are two ways: You either search for the Line ID of your friend (which can be found under More – Settings – Profile and the search can be done visa More – Add Friends – Search by ID) and add him as a friend or you scan his or her QR Code (which can be found under More – Add Friends – QR Code – My QR Code).

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