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The system dating dictionary

You won't be able to stand over all these people and pressure them until they buy it, so it's best to start as you'll need to go on.You say: 'If this isn't the kind of thing you publish, maybe you could recommend another agency or publisher to me.' Dating equivalent: 'If you don't want to go out with me, could you recommend someone else in the city who would?The following phrasebook of common errors will show you what to avoid, and why . The Writers and Artists Yearbook will have the name of the person you should be writing to, and getting it rights puts you in the top fifty per cent straight away.

Adding the caveat that this is only based on my own experience and others may vary, I've cobbled together a list of dos and don'ts - or at least, one do and a lot of don'ts. It won't convince someone to take on a book they don't like. It may put people off your work if you sound cranky.

The Secret Language of Editors When I was beginning as a writer, I looked for advice all over, and in the end, I found the most useful thing anyone could tell me was the truth.

Even if I didn't like what I heard, I needed to hear it if I was going to know what was what. The Publisher-Dating Dictionary You have a book you've written, and you want to get it published. You'll be sending it in, and in order to introduce it, you need to write a cover letter.

' It's tempting, but think about it from their point of view: how should they know?

Publishers aren't an information service, and they don't have a huge database of who likes what: there are hundreds of agents, and each of them will have their own views, which the publisher will probably not be fully briefed on - agents' tastes are as eccentric as everyone else's.

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Asking someone to recommend a good agent is asking them to spend days researching, and that's your job, not theirs.

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