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During the import operation, you can specify the lists that you want to copy, and, for each selected list, you can specify whether you want to import the entire list or only a specific view.

The linking process connects to data in another program, so that you can view and edit the latest data both in Share Point and in Access without creating and maintaining a copy of the data in Access.

The import operation places the IDs in the corresponding field, but it does not set all of the properties necessary to make the field work like a lookup field.

The steps for setting the lookup properties of such a field are described under Set lookup fields in this article.

When you link to a Share Point list, Access creates a new table (often referred to as a linked table) that reflects the structure and contents of the source list.

Unlike importing, linking creates a link only to the list, not to any specific views of the list.

Depending on the size of the database, its number of objects, and system performance, the operation can take some time.

If you change your mind during the process, you can click Stop to cancel it.

When importing IDs, you must import the lists that currently supply the values to the lookup columns (unless the destination database already has tables that could act as lookup tables).Investigate additional fields Depending on the type of list on which the table is based, you might also notice the presence in the table of a few extra fields (such as Edit, Modified, and Type).For more information about these fields and the information that they contain, see Share Point Help.If you don't need these fields in the Access database, you can safely delete them.Set lookup fields If you imported IDs for lookup columns, you must manually set the lookup properties of the corresponding fields.

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Links to the Share Point lists are stored in your Access database, and the forms, queries, and reports also remain in Access.

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