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Updating ubuntu offline

Please note that when you get and install the packages, you'll still have them kept in your /var directory hierarchy.

To keep your partition from overflowing, remember to delete extra files using program provides mechanisms for excluding files with names matching user-specified strings, this program is most useful when the objective is to download whole directory trees, rather than selected packages.

Peter has got fwupdate to the point where we can “upload” sample files onto the flash chips, but this isn’t particularly safe, or easy to do.

What we want for Fedora and RHEL is to be able to either install a file for a BIOS update (if the firmware is re-distributable), or to get notified about it in GNOME Software where it can be downloaded from the upstream vendor.

I don't have internet in the shop and I can't afford to run cable at this time to wire it.

Is it possible to update the live-cd when there are a bunch of dependency changes?

To download files manually, open with a text editor, copy the download link one by one, paste it on Web browser's address bar or download it via Download manager.

It is available on the Debian website at will install upgrade files in place, even on a running system.

Sometimes, a revised package will require the installation of a newly revised version of another package, in which case the installation will fail until/unless the other package is installed.

Or you can use the redirector service httpredir.which aims to solve the problem of choosing a Debian mirror.

It uses the geographic location of the user and other information to choose the best mirror that can serve the files.

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