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Updating your g1

This is the second article in a two-part series on the G1 garbage collector.

You can find part one on Info Q July 15, 2013: G1: One Garbage Collector To Rule Them All.

Note that the concurrent refinement threads help maintain RSets by updating them concurrently (when the application is also running).

A sample output of -XX: G1Summarize RSet Stats with the period set to one -XX: G1Summarize RSet Stats Period=1: Concurrent RS (which as we said is a good sign! It then lists the concurrent refinement thread times for each thread involved in the work.

It also shows the total number of coarsenings done since the start of the VM.

At this point, I think it is safe to introduce another option flag -XX: G1RSet Updating Pause Time Percent=10.

When reaching the max capacity of the fine-grain PRT, a corresponding coarse-grained bit is set in the coarse grain bitmap and the corresponding entry is deleted from the fine grain PRT. A set bit in the coarse grain map means that the associated region may contain references to the owning region.

A Collection Set (CSet) is a set of regions to be collected during a garbage collection.

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The max number of concurrent refinement threads can be controlled by -XX: G1Conc Refinement Threads or even -XX: Parallel GCThreads.

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