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Validating copyrighted surveys

Where required we speak with third parties and/or their agents to obtain additional information.Our network specialist contractor undertakes a full investigation at site to assist in the desk validation.We work with a customer’s preferred contractor and/or their agent on request.

This provides an additional layer of expertise to cases where specialist construction, drainage and insurance knowledge is required.

The resulting domain structure was validated for a sample of 592 clinical network members using confirmatory factor analysis.

Scale reliability was assessed using Cronbach’s alpha.

Published studies typically focus on one clinical area and provide anecdotal, experiential commentary using a mixed methods approach (e.g. The psychometric properties of measures have rarely been explored or tested, resulting in a lack of standard or validated methodology.

A recent systematic review of measurement instruments developed for use in implementation science (specifically to measure self-report research utilisation) found a large majority of instruments demonstrated weak psychometric properties [] there is a need to develop valid instruments to assess intrinsic and extrinsic features related to their performance.

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Rather than offering one size fits all we adopt the best approach for the claim.