What is the cycle of dating abuse

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Domestic abuse is a topic that few want to talk about.

It is a silent epidemic that may be seen through bruises and cuts or heard through yelling and screaming. So many stay silent about their abuse, not realizing that the choice to remain silent may have harsher consequences than the abuse itself.

Restricting access to his or her money, bank accounts, credit cards, or spending is another form of control.

Though a partner may seem nice because he or she is paying for everything, that person may be taking financial independence away from his or her partner.

Rebecca Wilson, an advisor, (back to camera), Samantha Stapleton, a Greenwich High School senior, left, Taylor Dawson, also a senior, Suzanne Adam, director of the domestic abuse service at the YWCA, Alexa Hochstin, a senior, on Monday, February 22, 2010.

Here are some risk factors associated with an increased severity in abuse: If you recognize any of these patterns or warning signs, you are not alone.

One in three women experience domestic violence in her lifetime. Being a victim is nothing to be ashamed of and help is available.

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Trapping a person in a financially dependent relationship is a form of abuse.