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Zoe kravitz dating

We can't think of a time when Drake's love life hasn't been front and center of international tabloid fodder, and no one knows that better than Zoë Kravitz, who was rumored to be dating him sometime in 2013.

Both Kravitz and Drake have always demurred on their supposed romance when asked about it in subsequent years, but Kravitz addressed those sparks on the one and only late-night program where rumors go to die, .

"You know, it’s like how I hang out, I don’t know how you hang out.” Oh, Cohen had a feeling what "hang out" entailed. "Of course, Drake later went on to much more high-profile romances with Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, the latter of which became inspiration for a recent Drake verse.

“Well, if I was hanging out with Drake, I know what I’d be doing with him. We're not sure what's better: having your dalliance outed by Andy Cohen or via a rap song.

Zoe and Karl have yet to comment on the relationship reports.

"No she was always so, so nice to me, and I hadn't seen her since I was like 13 years old," Zoe revealed.

"But she was always so, so sweet to me so it was nice to see her again.

If you're going to step out together, you may just be linked together.

Chris Pine and Zoë Kravitz got fans talking over the weekend when they arrives at Charles Finch and Chanel's seventh annual pre-Oscar dinner at Madeo restaurant in Beverly Hills.

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Zoe Kravitz looks like she has found love again, stepping out for a stroll with designer-turned-deejay Noah Becker in New York City on Thursday afternoon.